Computer Science 1

This is my webpage for computer
science 1 we are studing
C# This is my First
year of computer science
it is easy.



This project allows you to
change text in a label and
make graphics visible or not visible.

About Page


This project was an about page
for the logo we did at the start of the year.

Mailing Page


In this Project We made a
Mailing label for the About page we made.

Car Rental


In this project we made a Car rental
program to sell cars with an option
of two adjustments to the car.



This project calculates your Bmi Based
on your height in ft and inches and your weight in pounds.

Car Rental Upgrade


This Program Runs an Algoritham
to sell cars depending on the days driven
and end total mileage.

Test Scores


This program takes two test scores and calculates an average of the two scores. It displays the letter grade for both the tests to.



This program roll a random number between 1 - 6 (or maybe 7) and displays the percentage you have rolled it by how many times you rolled the dice.

Craps Casino


This project is based off the Casino Craps game. If you roll a seven on your first try, then you win. if you roll a 2, 3, or 12 on your first time then you lose if you roll any other number, you keep playing, and if you roll the number agian, you win, but if you now roll a seven you lose.

Shirt Sales


this program takes information from the customer to calculate the price of the shirt or shirs that they wanted *based on a add to order and complete order system.



This program generates three random numbers and uses it to change the image in a slot machine to let the customer a jackpot or other prizes.

Rock Paper Scissors


Project desription - In this project the user can select from three choices that will determine whether they will win or lose, or draw.



Project desription: This project lets a fish either move left or right based on a random int. this is our firs project using arrays.